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EPLASS Drawing Management (Start Edition)

Drawing Management right from the early work phases in construction projects

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Right from the early work phases (from basic evaluations up to the approval) there is a continuous increase of various documents and drawings, such as project specific questions and objections from citizens, which can quickly reach up to thousands. Another example would be a later start of operations. The earlier you put all information together in a central place, the more efficient the project can be put into operation. This saves you time and money!

The EPLASS Drawing Management (Start Edition) provides a structured filing of planning documents in categories, such as drawings, checking reports, statics etc. Every document can be linked to a random number of additional documents and drawings. The project participants always have access to the latest revisions of the documents and can follow all changes within the document history. Clearly arranged in document packages, all needed documents can quickly and easily be found. Therefore a complex and time-consuming filtering of documents is not necessary. The EPLASS Drawing Management (Start Edition) provides a digitized review functionality, including comments, graphical entries and checking reports. All changes can be tracked at any time in a detailed protocol. EPLASS Start with its complex controlling- and reporting functionalities provides important tools needed for the administration of any project of any dimension.



Essentials in the EPLASS Drawing Management (Start Edition)

Clear overview
A structured filing in categories and document packages makes it easy to find drawings and documents.

What has changed?
The drawings are displayed in a raster image and put on top of each other. Differences are colour-coded.

Original version remains
EPLASS never changes the original version. It puts a layer on every document/drawing, and this layer is filed seperately in EPLASS, together with the associated redlining.


EPLASS Start Edition is the fully integrated project platform for the organisation, structured filing and documented distribution of drawings and related documents for construction projects. Your documents are available for the project participants from anywhere, at any time, using any device.


Intelligent link
EPLASS displays the corresponding linked accompanying documents and check reports for every drawing/document.

Integrated viewer
EPLASS can view more than 200 file formats

Individualized project platform
We configure your project space according to your wishes and specifications


Effective index administration
EPLASS always displays the latest version of uploaded drawings/documents and also the document history

Further product information

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