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EPLASS Professional Drawing Management

Digitized process for document review and approval

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The digitized process for review and approval is an essential and significant element in the EPLASS construction design management, where we put our focus on the traceability of drawings, i.e. it always gives the project members information such as: in which processing step is the document (spezialized consultant, coordinator, procect manager)? What is the situation for deadlines? Will we be on schedule or must we take measures to prevent a project delay? What were the changes in a drawing, when were they made, who made them (e.g. via redlining) and were these changes included? Is this the current drawing or is there a new one?

In order to guarantee this traceability, we focus on our workflows, which are designed on the customer’s requirements and also on our tried and tested redlining including the viewer. Our workflow engine provides a high automation level and it also significantly reduces the terms of checking and approval. EPLASS provides a completely digital reviewing process, including comments and check reports with electronic signatures on your drawings. Changes may be traced at any time in a detailed protocol. Not only drawings can be checked and approved, but also documents of any kind (check reports, forms, supplements, tenders, e.g.).

Even highly complex workflows, including parallel review of different reviewers are feasible with the EPLASS workflow engine. Most German major infrastructure projects (PPP and rail) are being realized with EPLASS and we have clear evidence from our customers, that it adds to the project success. We see ourselves as engineering consultants and a service provider with experience of more than 20 years in the infrastructure sector.


Essentials in the EPLASS Drawing Management (Professional)

Easy time management 
gives an overview of the schedule and comprehensive report and controlling features

Original documents stay original
In EPLASS the original documents stay untouched. We place a layer over each document/plan and this layer is saved separately in EPLASS with the applied redlining.

Automated index
always gives access to the most recent version of the uploaded drawing/document in EPLASS including its history.

Individual project platform
We configure your project space to your needs

Intelligent document assignment
Due to the coding of drawings and documents, there is no concern about the filing of documents.


EPLASS Professional is the fully integrated, workflow-based, project collaboration platform for the efficient control, coordination and processing of projects of any dimension, from anywhere, at any time, using any device. As the head of the EPLASS product family, EPLASS Professional contains the extensive functions of EPLASS Correspondence and EPLASS Basic.


Process security through workflows
our high performance workflow-engine enables even the most highly complex reviewing processes with parallel editing through various reviewers, to be realized.

Original version remains
EPLASS never changes the original version. It puts a layer on every document/drawing, and this layer is filed seperately in EPLASS, together with the associated redlining

Electronic signature directly on the reviewed document
Both simple, advanced- as well as as qualified electronic signatures can be mapped directly onto the verified plan/document or also in combination.

EPLASS, along with all its employees and processes, is ISO / IEC 27001 certified.

Further product information

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Further information on the Drawing Management.

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