Barwa Commercial Avenue

  • Barwa Commercial Avenue
    Barwa Commercial Avenue

Qatar is one of the states of the Arabian Peninsula which in the recent years has been experiencing vast economic growth. One such symbol of development is the nearly 8.6 kilometer long shopping street called the “Barwa Commercial Avenue” (BCA) in the capital city, Doha. The project entails a mixed expansion of buildings consisting of commercial complexes, showrooms and residential units.

Built along the highway at Doha’s southern fringe - between the Mesaimeer roundabout and the industrial area - the entire project will comprise of 920,000 square meters of gross floor space - including an architectural facade area of 340,000 m². The floor space will contain approximately 600 retail spaces and nearly 1300 residential units and offices, while public areas will have food courts, groceries, pharmacies and other amenities for people living and working in the Barwa Commercial Avenue.


Hochtief Solutions Middle East Qatar W.L.L. was awarded in 2008 for carrying out the construction of the 65-meter wide boulevard, including the 24m wide building with all related utilities and infrastructure works in- and outside the building. The contract value for HOCHTIEF to execute the works was approx. 1.4 billion EURO. The project had been handed over by HOCHTIEF to the Client BARWA Real Estate Company within the contractual time frame in various sections, between end of 2011 and end of 2012. It is worth mentioning that most parts of the building works had to be constructed as shell & core only, while later fit-out works are being done by the future tenants, under the Client’s direct coordination.


Facts and figures:

  • Project Length: approx. 8.6 km (5 different buildings between 1 km & 2.2 km length)
  • Total area: 920,000 square meters Build-up Area
  • Architectural Façade Area: 340,000 square meters
  • Construction phase: 2008 – 2012
  • Contract Value: Approx. 1.4 billion EURO)
  • Personnel: At peak, approx. 15,000 workers & staff on site




Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-550

Successful project collaboration with EPLASS:

For a successful, on-time and in-budget delivery of the project, many companies from around the world had to be able to participate and work together. EPLASS with its unique Workflow capabilities was able to meet the project’s requirements, management and monitoring of the geographically dispersed project participants. Alone the Shopdrawing providers (shop drawings were mainly prepared by HOCHTIEF’s subcontractors directly) consisted of around 40 different firms from three continents; which were granted specific view-rights access to the online platform for an easy submission of their packages.

Our distinctive time scheduling functionality made it possible to accommodate different review periods for different disciplines. This allocation and distribution process was fully automated by identifying the specific drawing ID codification. For calculation of the contractually correct review period, EPLASS also ensured the accurate incorporation of the Qatari public holidays and weekends.

Furthermore, to make the review process for the client’s team (with AECOM acting as BARWA’s designer and technical consultant) quicker and more convenient, in other words, independent of the internet connection of that time, a local installation solution was installed on-site. The powerful Workflow engine of EPLASS made it possible for the right design packages to be delivered to the right disciplines for review without need for manual administration. It further facilitated the project communication by delivering automated notifications and task emails to the responsible project participants.