The Fuellbachtal Viaduct

  • The Fuellbachtal Viaduct
    Füllbach Viaduct with Höhnberg Tunnel North and Füllbach Tunnel North
  • The Fuellbachtal Viaduct
    Füllbach Viaduct (construction progress)
  • The Fuellbachtal Viaduct
    Füllbach Viaduct (construction progress)

The new Ebensfeld-Erfurt line is linked to the town of Coburg in the south by means of the Niederfüllbach single-track connecting curve, which links it to the existing Coburg-Lichtenfels line. The single-track connecting curve is linked up by means of the Füllbach Tunnel, the Höhnberg Tunnel, the Füllbach Bridge and the bridge over the B303 road.

The level of the B303 road will be lowered for the bridge without closing the road to traffic. Further north on the new Ebensfeld-Erfurt line, the planned two-track line crosses the Füllbach Valley between Niederfüllbach in the east and Roth am Forst in the west in the administrative district of Coburg (Bavaria) at a height of about 40 metres. The B303 road and the Coburg-Lichtenfels DB railway line run through the floor of the valley, through which the Füllbach stream also flows. Roughly in the middle of the valley, the site of PORA GmbH lies parallel to the planned viaduct. The project is very demanding due to the location in a built-up area and the extensive effort required to coordinate the different means of transport.


Facts and figures

  • Bridge length: 1,012 m
  • Width: 14.30 m
  • Span lengths: 42 – 4x58 – 3x63 – 3x53 – 6x58 – 42 m
  • Construction depth: 5.00 m
  • Construction heigh: 5.925 m
  • Earth excavated: approx. 22,800 m3
  • Concrete for foundations, frames, supports and abutments: approx. 16,800 m3
  • BConcrete for superstructure, including edge capping: approx. 15,700 m3
  • Reinforcing steel: approx. 4,000 t
  • Prestressed steel: approx. 600 t



Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-550

Successful project collaboration with EPLASS:

Since EPLASS is already being successfully used for all the single projects of the German Unity Project No.8, it will also be used for the project organization of this subproject.

To facilitate the complex construction management in a central system, the project participants decided to work with the internet based project collaboration platform EPLASS. All processes are easily accessible for all project participants at any time and any place. Everything from the correspondence, to the construction reports, structural analysis, check reports and claims are organized, reviewed and archived within EPLASS. The project participants consists of the above named joint venture, the German Railway (DB AG), external designers, checking engineers, geotechnical engineers and the building inspection. The federal railway authority is also involved in this project.