Series of bridges Magdeburg

  • Series of bridges Magdeburg
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  • Series of bridges Magdeburg
    Overhead view of the new bridge in the direction of the city centre

Series of bridges Magdeburg

The so-called "Strombrückenzug" is made up of the "Neue Strombrücke" (built in 1965), the "Zollbrücke" (built in 1882) and the "Anna-Ebert-Brücke" (built in 1882). The bridges cross the Stromelbe, Alte Elbe and Zollelbe rivers. Since the 1970s and the 1990s, there have been several ideas for a new bridge, in which the existing "Neue Strombrücke" would be complemented by another structure.

In 2013, the existing "Anna Ebert Brücke" (built in 1882) in Magdeburg was irreversibly damaged due to flooding. Consequently, there was no other alternative but to build a new bridge. The large-scale construction project "Replacement of the Strombrücke construction" was planned, which, in addition to the replacement of the pylon bridge over the Alte Elbe, also includes the renovation of the existing "Neue Strombrücke" and the construction of a new bridge over the Zollelbe as a framework structure.

The replacement bridge in the form of a pylon bridge is flood-proof, efficient and future-oriented. It connects Ostelbien to the city centre and accommodates local public transport. At the same time, it carries large volumes of traffic from the surrounding area fluidly through the state capital.

In June 2019, the bidding consortium led by Hochtief was awarded the major project. The construction consortium is made up of the companies Hochtief, SEH and Kemna, each of which is responsible for different tasks in the project, such as the civil engineering of the new bridges, steel construction, road construction and underground engineering. In addition to the state capital Magdeburg, the clients are SWM/AGM and the Waterway and Shipping Administration.

Facts and figures:

  • Type of new bridge: Pylon bridge
  • Large-scale project includes:
    2 replacement constructions
    1 renovation (existing "Neue Strombrücke")

Animated 3D model in variable context:

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