Freight line 5955

VDE 8.1 Upgraded Line

  • Freight line 5955
    Emergency exit Number 6
  • Freight line 5955
    North portal freight train tunnelNorth gate
  • Freight line 5955
    South portal

The freight line (5955) between the new Kleinreuth junction to the south of Nuremberg and the new Eltersdorf hub north of Fürth and Nuremberg will create a new connection for freight, which will no longer need to cross the increased passenger traffic between Fürth and Nuremberg. The passenger lines are currently crossed on the level. Crossing on the level will no longer be possible due to the passenger connections currently undergoing upgrading, the new clockface passenger timetable and the increase in the number of trains.

Pegnitz tunnel

Most of freight line 5955 consists of a tunnel – the Pegnitz tunnel, which itself consists of five sections. There is an entry section at the north and south in the form of a trough. The troughs are followed by a cut-and-cover section. In the centre is a section of tunnel constructed by the mining method. The emergency exits and the technical equipment also form part of the tunnel.

Facts and figures

  • Overall length: 7.500 m
  • Cut-and-cover method:
    • Clearance: 6,69 m
    • Clear width: 10,40 m
  • Enclosed construction method:
    • Clearance: 7,66 m
    • Clear width: 10,40m
    • Tunnel tube diameters: 11,64 m
    • Emergency exits: 14
  • Tracks: 2
  • Design speed: 120 km/h
  • Line commissioning date: 2021


More Information: DB Netz AG



Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
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Successful project collaboration with EPLASS:

On this particular construction site over 250 people from different disciplines are employed. Furthermore, other designers, checking engineers, and geotechnical engineers are also involved in the project. By using EPLASS Professional all these project participants received access to all relevant documents.

By use of different workflows, both the preliminary as well as the construction phase processes, in addition to the structural analysis, are being reviewed digitally and approved for construction. Via a special interface, the federal railway authority is also involved in the project.

In addition to the design management via EPLASS Professional, the digital construction documentation is being archived within the EPLASS Correspondence document management system (DMS), and also the administration and review procedures of all claims are being processed within the EPLASS Claim Management module.