ABS/NBS Karlsruhe - Basel

  • ABS/NBS Karlsruhe - Basel
  • ABS/NBS Karlsruhe - Basel
  • ABS/NBS Karlsruhe - Basel
  • ABS/NBS Karlsruhe - Basel
  • ABS/NBS Karlsruhe - Basel

Extension and new construction of the Karlsruhe-Basel railway track

Due to its geographical location, the 182-kilometre long Karlsruhe-Basel railway track has an outstanding function for national and international rail traffic. It is considered the heart of the most important European cargo corridor between Rotterdam and Genoa. A central element is also the introduction of standardized signalling and guidance technology: the European Train Control System (ETCS) is intended to facilitate cross-border traffic and make operations much more effective. The existing Rhein Valley Railway between Karlsruhe and Basel is more than 150 years old. With more than 300 trains a day for local, long-distance and cargo traffic, it is working to capacity. In view of the existing bottlenecks and the associated quality restrictions, it is urgently necessary to adapt the line to current and future traffic. In addition, the project is full of technical innovations: the so-called solid track and a new type of fixation of the overhead contact line will be used in the tunnels. The track upgrading and construction is supplemented by modern guidance and signalling technology.

Some parts of the construction project, which comprises a total of nine track sections, have already been completed. Other sections are currently in the planning and approval phase.


  • Rastatt tunnel structural framework
  • Track section 01 - Executive planning
  • Track sections 07 and 08 - Preplanning
  • Track section 09 - Executive planning


Facts and figures:

As part of the project, the railway is modernising a total of twelve train stations and stops, including Baden-Baden, Offenburg, Müllheim, Weil am Rhein, Buggingen and Haltingen. For the extension into four tracks, the track facilities and platforms within the stations must be adapted or newly built.

The upgraded and rebuilt Karlsruhe-Basel track is one of 13 pilot projects of the federal government. 6.15 million euros are being invested in this major project. BIM is being used in the construction of the Rastatt tunnel on section 1 (Karlsruhe-Rastatt) and in the planning of sections 7 and 8 (Offenburg-Müllheim).

  • 12 train stations and stopsExtension to 4 tracks
  • Federal pilot project
  • 6.15 million euros
  • Project duration: 2013 - probably 2035

Further information: Karlsruhe-Basel


Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-550
Dominik Liedtke
Dominik Liedtke

Project Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-795

Successful project management with EPLASS:

To handle the entire drawing management by means of a central system, the decision was made to use the internet-based project platform EPLASS. Here, all processes are presented transparently and the project parties can access and edit all data at any time and from any place

"EPLASS strongly supports me in the project management. I keep an overview of the planning status, as I can always see which document is in which stage of processing. Thanks to the digitalisation I no longer have to keep drawing lists, multiple copying of the drawings is no longer necessary and there is no longer a signatory marathon.  The software can be individually programmed for the specific requirements of the project and can be adapted again and again if necessary. An absolute relief for every complex construction project!"

Maximilian Scholz (Projektingenieur im Großprojekt Karlsruhe-Basel)