A9 Triptis - Schleiz (PPP)

  • A9 Triptis - Schleiz (PPP)

The highway A9 is one of the most important north-south transport axes in Germany.

A consortium of the French “VINCI Concessions” and the Dutch “BAM PPP” via the project association “Via Gateway Thüringen GmbH & Co. KG” has won the competitive tendering for this PPP project in Thuringia.

The project includes the maintenance and the operation of a 46.5 km long route between the highway junction A9 and the border between Thuringia and Bavaria, as well as the 19 kilometer long extension of the highway in both directions. This includes the building of 24 bridges.

This project is the first to use a so-called „availability model" for the expansion of a German highway. The private operating company and the sponsoring banks are bearing the construction-, operation- and maintenance risks. In return, the operating company receives a fee which is dependent on the availability and quality of the road and not the actual traffic load.

The consortium “Arge A9 EW Thüringen”, consisting of 50% “Eurovia GmbH” and the other 50% of “Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG”, is carrying out the construction work on behalf of the “Via Gateway Thüringen”.

The planned construction period is three years from its commence date on 01st of October 2011.


Facts and figures:

  • Project term: 20 years
  • Concession line: 46,5 km
  • Hard surface: 19 km
  • Duration of the project: 2011 – end of 2014
  • Total construction costs: about 220 Mio. Euro




Andreas Fersch
Andreas Fersch
Civil Engineer
Managing Director
phone: +49 (931) 35503-0

Successful project management with EPLASS:

The successful cooperation with other PPP projects such as the„A4 Hoerselberge“, „A5 Malsch – Offenburg“, „A8 Augsburg – Munich“ and „A8 Ulm – Augsburg“ made this project to choose EPLASS as their design review and project collaboration platform.

Only the unique and efficient workflow engine of EPLASS is able to automatically implement the most complex approval processes of such large-scale projects. The 10 different, project specific workflows enable all project participants to work on the review process of drawings and documents in a well-organized manner. The EPLASS scheduling management enables the project coordinators to check the deadlines and the compliance of the milestones and determined time limits at any time.


„The project coordinators had to create approx. 2600 drawings in cooperation with the associated designer. With the assistance of EPLASS; this design management task was accomplished in the shortest possible time, because the System EPLASS:

  • Always provided the highest possible degree of transparency on the scope of the project and the current project status
  • Facilitated the coordination with the approval bodies and checking engineers
  • When required, quickly addresses or implements modifications to review processes or review timelines

Furthermore, specific change of tasks and requirements to the EPLASS system were resolved in a very constructive cooperation with the EPLASS team“

Dr.-Eng. Gerd Riemer

Project coordination A9
Work Group „Arge EW A9 Thüringen"