Havellandautobahn A10/A24 (PPP)

  • Havellandautobahn A10/A24 (PPP)
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  • Havellandautobahn A10/A24 (PPP)
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  • Havellandautobahn A10/A24 (PPP)
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The federal motorways A10 and A24 are among the most important and busiest trans-European transport axes. Their expansion is therefore an important infrastructure project for Germany and Europe. The A10 and A24 between the Pankow junction and the Neuruppin feeder road will be extended and/or upgraded in less than five years while the motorway remains in operation.

In the area of infrastructure and transportation development, the private partner takes over the construction or expansion of a defined section of road as part of a PPP project and operates this section for a period of generally 30 years. The contractor and private partner of the public sector on the A10/A24 is Havellandautobahn GmbH & Co KG, which receives a contractually agreed payment from the federal budget spread over the entire contract period.


Facts and figures:

  • Length of project section: approx. 65 km
  • Project volume approx. € 1.4 billion over 30 years
  • Pure construction costs (extension of the A10 and fundamental renewal of the A24) approx. € 650 million
  • 6-lane extension of the A10: approx. 30 km, fundamental renovation of the A24: 30 km
  • Cross-section per lane: A10: 3 lanes, A24: 2 lanes with temporary release of emergency lanes on approx. 17 km
  • 9 junctions
  • 10 new bridges, 1 to be demolished and 28 new replacement bridges
  • 20 km noise barriers, up to 9.5 m high
  • 5 million m³ earthworks excavation and removal
  • Contractual end of construction period: December 2022


The Availability Model A10/A24 project was selected as the first national PPP pilot project to integrate the BIM concept from concept to execution and maintenance. The use of the BIM method in the project "Availability Model A10/A24″ is carried out for the BIM contractual route. The BIM contractual route covers construction section 4 of the A24, and thus the section from km 222+675 to km 228+175.

The scope of services on the 5.5 km long section includes, in addition to the road construction, two civil engineering structures as well as a fuel station and service station. The BIM planning process started in August 2018 with the mock-up phase (prototypical test environment for verification of the project-specific BIM method) and will last until the end of 2021. Beforehand, a basic model with a model level of detail LOG 100 (Level of Geometry) will be created, which shows the existing terrain, a ground model derived on the basis of exploratory work and existing ground information, the mapping of the roadway construction, the existing fueling and service station and the existing engineering structures. The fundamental model is integrated into the draft model, execution model and the handover model.

The draft design is represented in the draft model (LOG 200). The RAB-Ing drafts of the engineering structures, for example, are derived from this model. For the execution, an execution model (LOG 400) is created which corresponds to the execution planning of the route and the engineering structures. The handover model is used in the maintenance phase for various purposes.


Reiner Eisemann
Reiner Eisemann
Project Manager;
phone: +49 (931) 35503-733
Sven Söhlmann
Sven Söhlmann

Project Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-735

Successful project management with EPLASS:

The client of the Havellandautobahn A10/A24 is DEGES and the contractor is Havellandautobahn GmbH & Co KG, a consortium of the construction companies BAM and HABAU. Since July 2018, Bau-ARGE has relied on EPLASS for drawing management and document management in the construction and warranty phase. A previously used system was replaced by EPLASS because it did not meet the requirements of the client. In the end, the automatic processes as well as the fully automated review and approval process convinced the consortium to rely on a system that has proven itself especially in PPP projects in the infrastructure sector. Among other things, our "photo documentation" tool is used in this project. With this tool it is easy and straightforward to create a photo documentation. The corresponding construction phase is automatically assigned by the GPS data of the smartphone camera. The integration of DEGES in the workflow of the ARGE for the project Havellandautobahn A10/A24 was successfully ensured.