A7 Tunnel Altona

  • A7 Tunnel Altona
    Ostkreuz Hannover

The tunnel extends in the Altona planning section north of Behringstraße/Walderseestraße to north of Holstenkamp/Schulgartenstraße at the location of the "Schießplatz". It reduces noise for sensitive zones in this area. At the same time, the connection between the eastern and western areas of the districts of Othmarschen and Bahrenfeld will be restored. The construction of the approximately 2,230-meter-long tunnel is intended to achieve the following objectives, among others:

  • In the region between Winsbergring and Kielkamp, the landscape axis Altonaer Volkspark will be continued to the east by a landscaped area to be developed on top of the planned tunnel.
  • In the area from Kielkamp to Osdorfer Weg, the green spaces Bonnepark and Lutherpark, which are isolated from each other, are connected to form a continuous park landscape.

The tunnel has a height of 5.15 meters. There is sufficient space for built-in components such as lighting, tunnel radio, loudspeaker systems etc. There are niches in the tunnel ceiling for permanent light signs and signposts. Thus, as in the tunnels Schnelsen and Stellingen, height control is not necessary.

A recreation park and allotment gardens are to be created on the tunnel later. For this purpose, the tunnel will be covered with a 1.20 meter thick layer of rootable soil.

The streets Bahrenfelder Chaussee and Osdorfer Weg, crossing the A 7, will pass over the tunnel structure. The Baurstraße and the Kielkamp, however, are not. They end in the tunnel area, equipped with turning facilities. Road users in Kielkamp will also be able to use the Holstenkamp in the future. As a new, two-strip main access route, it will connect the intersection Schnackenburgallee/Holstenkamp via the Altona cover with the so-called Ebertplatz.

The HH-Bahrenfeld junction will in future be located in the tunnel area, so that the access and exit ramps will also be completely enclosed. The access ramp towards Flensburg at the AS HH-Othmarschen junction will also be located in the tunnel. In addition, a pedestrian bridge over the Osdorfer Weg is planned to provide a continuous path on the green corridor of the tunnel cover.


Facts and figures

  • Tunnel length: approx. 2.230 meters
  • Tunnel width: 42 meters (Widenings in the area of the interlacing strips of AS HH-Bahrenfeld)
  • Height: 4,90 meters
  • Cross section: eight lanes plus side lanes

Further information: A7 Tunnel Altona, DEGES


Andreas Fersch
Andreas Fersch
Civil Engineer
Managing Director
phone: +49 (931) 35503-0
Sven Söhlmann
Sven Söhlmann

Project Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-735

Successful project delivery with EPLASS

In the project A7 Tunnel Altona, the decision was made to use the internet-based project platform EPLASS. EPLASS drawing management and document management are utilized here. All processes are presented transparently and automatically and the project participants can access and edit all data at any time and from any place. This means that all correspondence, drawing documents, statics, inspection reports and claims are organised, approved and archived via EPLASS.

"Due to the excellent experiences with the use of EPLASS for drawing management and for document management in the execution planning and in the construction of the A7 Stellingentunnel project, it was clear to the project team from the very beginning that we would also use EPLASS for the A7 Altonatunnel project". Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Ludwewig, Deutsche Einheit Fernstraßenplanungs- und bau GmbH (DEGES)

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