A44 Küchen Tunnel

  • A44 Küchen Tunnel
    The A44 Küchen Tunnel

The Tunnel „Kuechen“ is part of the new four-lane highway A 44 between Kassel and Herleshausen. The new 4,3 kilometer long road construction includes a tunnel the length of 1,4 kilometers.

In summer 2012, a consortium, consisting of Marti Tunnelbau AG, Marti GmbH Germany and Johann Bunte GmbH & Co. KG was awarded the building of this project. Due to numerous expected geological conditions, the tunnel is being driven in blasting progress and also in conventional mining with tunnel diggers. The tunnel breakthrough is expected in spring 2014 and the structural work is planned to be finished in spring 2015.


Facts and figures:

  • Tunnel length: 1,4 km
  • Duration of the project: 2013 – 2015
  • Total construction costs: about 75 Million Euro




Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-550

Successful project collaboration with EPLASS:

This is a model project where EPLASS proved its experience in infrastructure projects once again. Within a week from the initial project kick-off meeting, EPLASS had defined the checking processes, the document ID schema and the configuration of digital signatures for the drawings! The project participants were then able to commence working with EPLASS after a short training session of only 1.5 hours.

The EPLASS workflows control the complete process of checking and review procedures all the way to the creation of ready-for-construction drawings. Even the review process by the authority of the Federal State of Hesse is included in these workflows.

The drawing review process consists of nearly 20 tasks which for some raised the concern of action traceability. Using only two individual workflows, EPLASS made it possible to create utter transparency for all project participants.

Furthermore, the entire correspondence and digital construction log records can be created, and later archived in EPLASS.