A 99 BW 27/1

BIM Pilotproject A 99 BW 27/1

  • A 99 BW 27/1
    A 99
  • A 99 BW 27/1
    Ersatzneubau BW Brücke über S-Bahnlinie S8
  • A 99 BW 27/1
    Neues Bauwerk, Bestandsmodell und Neubaumodell

Replacement construction of a bridge on the A99

The pilot project includes the removal and replacement of the underpass structure 27/1, which will be built in 2018 / 2019 in the context of the 8-lane extension of the A 99 motorway between the Munich North junction and the Aschheim / Ismaning junction. In the context of the 8-lane extension of the A 99 north-east of Munich, several bridge structures are to be renewed. One of them is the structure 27/1, which bridges the S 8 suburban railway line of the Deutsche Bahn. The construction project is to serve as a pilot project for the implementation of the Building Information Modeling methodology. Both the design and the implementation planning will be carried out with BIM support.

Utilization of BIM

Right from the start, all planning phases should be carried out exclusively with the BIM method. The operation and maintenance phase will also be included in the project. The 2D drawings should be derived exclusively from the models. Special attention will be paid to data exchange and the use of interfaces. Their current functionality for civil engineering will be tested. The models are checked both visually and semi-automatically. For the work phases draft planning, implementation planning and construction execution, client information requirements were created, which in turn serve as the basis for the creation of the BIM flow charts. A linkage of the 3D model with the construction process and the construction costs is being considered.

Facts and figures

  • Start of the project in November 2015
  • Building concept with BIM until autumn 2016
  • Tender until spring 2017
  • Execution planning 2017
  • Construction 2018 and 2019
  • The width of the bridge is to be increased from 10.00 m to 12.50 m. The minimum height is 6.53 m.

Further information: BIM 4 infra


Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-550
Reiner Eisemann
Reiner Eisemann
Project Manager;
phone: +49 (931) 35503-733

Successful project management with EPLASS

EPLASS with Kisters 3D View Station was used as communication model.

"In the project management of engineering structures of the Autobahndirektion Südbayern, the drawing management EPLASS has been used as standard for years. Within the scope of this project EPLASS is extended for BIM projects and EPLASS-Archive is used for the digital building file. Once again, EPLASS impressively proves its individual flexibility". (Prof. Dr. Willberg, Head of Department Bridge Construction, Civil Engineering, Motorway Directorate Southern Bavaria)