New railway line Dresden - Prague

  • New railway line Dresden - Prague
    On the trail in Europe: Entry of an EC from Prague into the station Berlin Südkreuz
  • New railway line Dresden - Prague
  • New railway line Dresden - Prague
    NBS new map (left) & TEN-V-Project 22 (right)
  • New railway line Dresden - Prague
    Passing station east portal Finnetunnel under construction

New railway line Dresden-Prague

The rail connection between Dresden and Prague is to be improved to meet future requirements for increasing cargo traffic volume and shorter travel times in passenger transport. This is a declared goal between the Free State of Saxony and the Czech Republic.

At present, there is a travel time between Dresden and Prague of more than 2 hours. This time is to be reduced to less than 1 hour by routing outside the Elbe Valley. In addition, the capacity for cargo transport will be significantly increased, noise pollution along the existing route will be reduced and a flood-proof route will be achieved. Furthermore, a bottleneck to the German seaports will be removed in the future.

In Saxony, the cross-border rail link through the Elbe Valley is an important component of TEN-V 22, and in addition to the link between Dresden and Prague, it is also of great importance for international traffic to and from the North Sea and Baltic Sea ports.


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A successful international cooporation thanks to EPLASS:

The "EPLASS Drawing Management" module in the Professional Edition is used for the approval and checking processes of the documents for the submission of tenders as well as for the checking and approval of the pre-planning. The functionality of EPLASS is complemented by the use of the EPLASS Correspondence module as an exchange platform for correspondence between DB Netz AG and SZDC - Správa železnic, state organization (Czech Railways).

The successful international cooperation with the SZDC deserves special mention. For example, the contract documents for the project are being reviewed simultaneously by both DB Netz AG and SZDC with the involvement of a translation agency.