EPLASS Tender Management


  • Comfortable organization and structured editing of tender requests
  • Simultaneous editing of requests within workflows
  • Separate information for different tenderer
  • Clearly arranged deadline control


EPLASS Professional is the fully integrated, workflow-based, project collaboration platform for the efficient control, coordination and processing of projects of any dimension, from anywhere, at any time, using any device. The module “Tender Request Management” is the consequent extension of EPLASS Professional for the controlled editing and processing of tender requests.


This module allows the workflow based processing of tender requests to be edited, reviewed and replied to within the same system. Via our highly dynamic workflow engine we are able to draw up even the most complex processes. One can choose to integrate the tenderers directly into the system or use EPLASS internally for editing the tender questions and simply informing the tenderers by e-mail. No matter which solution you choose, EPLASS guarantees that the tenderers will not get any information about the competitors of the tender.

For each project, specific mail addresses will be created to which the tenderers can send their questions to. Other cases such as questions which were discussed in meetings can also be easily outlined in a structured form. Through the use of so-called “identical answers”, all tenderers can simultaneously be informed of a response to a request. As EPLASS allows a parallel review of tasks, requests can be edited from several experts at the same time. The following consolidation task in the workflow guarantees a reconcilement of the single answers and defines an “identical answer”. Further, through the use of EPLASS time scheduling management one can continuously monitor the deadline settings of all single tasks.

Another outstanding feature available for international projects is the simultaneous use of EPLASS in different languages, as it allows different project teams, located on different continents, to collaborate on the same project via the internet.

EPLASS Professional – Tender Request Management with its extensive monitoring and reporting functionalities, provides the crucial tools needed for the efficient management of any project of any dimension.


Further information:

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