EPLASS Protocol Management

EPLASS Protocol Management - not only an Indispensable tool for project management

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Jour-fixes, plan and construction meetings are only a few keywords that are mentioned in connection with protocol management. What is important is: Have the agreed changes already been implemented? What was determined in our last meeting in this regard?

In order that you always have an overview and can also answer the questions, EPLASS offers a protocol management system, which provides you with the protocol creation and management quickly and efficiently on a central project communication platform. Our protocol management is an extension of EPLASS document management. EPLASS is highly configurable and is specially adapted to the needs of our customers.

Essential points of EPLASS Protocol Management

Simple creation and editing of protocols
The protocol is created, edited and carried on in EPLASS  .

Individualized protocol segments
You decide how your protocol templates should look like.  

Individualized project platform
We configure your project room as you envision it

Retraceability of the modifications
You can see at any time of the day or night which protocol points have been completed and which ones are still open


EPLASS Professional is the fully integrated, workflow-based project platform for the effective management, coordination and execution of projects of any size from any location, at any time and with any device. The Objection Management module is the logical extension of EPLASS Professional for the controlled processing of objections.


Quick and efficient distribution of tasks
The open tasks can be distributed directly in EPLASS to the corresponding project participants for further handling on a workflow basis.

Integration of all project participants
Distribution of tasks or protocol points to internal and external parties involved

EPLASS is ISO / IEC 27001 certified along with all its employees and processes.

Straightforward archiving
The protocols are archived as PDF in EPLASS and stored in the specified categories

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