EPLASS Objection Management

1,000 objections - and you always have the right answer

General view VDE 8

More and more residents are participating in the planning approval procedures for new infrastructure projects. The planning, organisation and implementation of consultation procedures is a massive task in which several hundred to thousand objections can easily come up against a multitude of individual questions.  

With EPLASS you can rely on a strong partner!

The entire planning on the line, all tunnels and bridges of the railway project VDE 8 from Nürnberg via Erfurt, Leipzig and Halle to Berlin with a project volume of more than 10 billion Euro is reviewed and organised with EPLASS.

In addition to drawing and document management, EPLASS also organises the structured, on-time and process-reliable handling of the more than 50,000 individual questions of the residents! Thorough customised processes, intelligent search functions for standard applications and parallel handling by different departments, EPLASS saves Deutsche Bahn time and money.

Essential points of EPLASS Objection Management

Integrated timemanagement
to monitor compliance of processing times and deadlines

Shorter answering times for objections
by convenient creation of standard answers
to optimize the processing

Increased clarity and transparency
Each objection receives a  QR Code sticker and in that way
can be assigned simply, quickly and safely

Smart Fuzzy Search  
to optimize or automate the answer generation -
Standard objections are recognized and color-coded

Efficient processing of objections 
by splitting objections into individual questions
and separate handover to the responsible departments

Link to Google Maps
to display addresses on a map  (distance to the building project!)


EPLASS Professional is the fully integrated, workflow-based project platform for the effective management, coordination and execution of projects of any size from any location, at any time and with any device. The Objection Management module is the logical extension of EPLASS Professional for the controlled processing of objections.


Process reliability through workflows
The processing and central legal review of the answers is workflow-based in EPLASS

Archiving of the letter of reply
The signed letters of reply are available in PDF format
archived by corresponding category

Own project mail address
such as objection-projectXY@eplass.com

One platform many functions
All replies are automatically created in EPLASS
as Word and PDF files

Digital involvement of hearing authorities
e.g. county council offices and district administrations

Digital integration of legal departments
and respective departments

Further product information

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Objection Management.pdf
More information on the Objection Management.