EPLASS Form Management

Digital form run

“La Confluencia”

With EPLASS Professional - Form Management, forms of any kind (e.g. requests for information (RFI), supplements, additional costs, obstruction notifications, defect notifications, vacation requests etc.) can be processed, checked and distributed in workflows. With our powerful workflow engine, we are able to map even the most complex processes.

The project participants always have access to the most latest versions of the documents and can trace changes via history. Clearly organized in packages, the required documents are found quickly and easily. Complex and time-consuming document filtering is not necessary.

With the integrated PDF viewer, forms can be displayed, edited and checked directly on our platform without downloading them to your local computer. Thanks to the Citrix© technology, you save bandwidth and do not have to worry about different program versions on the computers of your project participants.

EPLASS Professional - Form Management provides a completely digital form run including editing, comments, graphical entries, attachments, verification reports and signatures on your documents. In the course of the workflow, various form fields can be released or blocked for editing. Therefore each project participant can only access the form fields relevant to him. Changes can be tracked at any time in a detailed log.

Essentials in the EPLASS Form Management

Workflow controlled processing of form fields
The editing options can be assigned according to roles, for example, and distributed on a workflow basis.

Individualized form fields
You decide which fields of the form you require. Depending on the workflow, these can be provided.

Electronic signature directly on the reviewed document
Both simple, advanced- as well as as qualified electronic signatures can be mapped directly onto the verified plan/document or also in combination.

Individualized project platform
We configure your project space according to your requirements.


EPLASS Professional is the fully integrated, workflow-based project platform for effective control, coordination and execution of projects of any size from any location, at any time and with any device. The Form Management module is the logical extension of EPLASS Professional for the controlled processing of PDF forms. Processes from outside the construction industry can also be implemented here.


Process security through workflows
our high performance workflow-engine enables even the most highly complex reviewing processes with parallel editing through various reviewers, to be realized.

Improvement of business processes
EPLASS Form Management helps you to standardize and optimize your individual business processes.

Integration of external participants
All project information in one central place.

EPLASS, along with all its employees and processes, is ISO / IEC 27001 certified.

Further product information

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Why you should choose EPLASS.

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Further information on Form Management.