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EPLASS Defect Management

Integration of all project participants into the EPLASS Defect Management System


The progress of construction projects of any size depends on many factors. These include the quality of the work, the materials used and the effects influenced by the weather. For this reason, even with the best possible planning and inspection, the occurrence of defects can never be completely ruled out. In order to always have an overview and also for the efficient mangement and distribution of your defects and in a structured manner:

Use the EPLASS Defect Management!

The seamless integration of the mobile recording of defects on the construction site and the following processing in the office are in the foreground with EPLASS. Only a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) is required to record the defects; a special app is not required.

With our powerful workflow engine, the defects you have recorded are structured, processed reliably and on time! You can see at a glance in which processing phase the defect is and who is processing it.

Essentials in the EPLASS Defect Management

Integrated time management
to monitor the compliance with processing times and deadlines

Simple recording and processing of defects
Mobile recording of defects via smartphone or tablet and further processing on the PC in the office

Flexibly configurable platform for the implementation of any, individual processes
We configure your project space as you imagine it to be

Complete defect history
From execution to warranty, all defects are stored in a structured manner and can be found quickly

Reporting with mouse click
Automated generation of project-specific defect reports as MS Word, Excel or PDF

Linking defects to Bing Maps
Automatic linking of defects to geographical points with Bing Maps


EPLASS Professional is the fully integrated, workflow-based project platform for effective control, coordination and execution of projects of any size from any location, at any time and with any device. The defect management module is the logical extension of EPLASS Professional for the controlled processing of defects.


Workflow-based defect management
Thanks to our powerful workflow engine, even highly complex inspection processes can be implemented with parallel processing by different inspectors

Intelligent recording of defects
Predefined drop-down menus, Speech-to-Text function and individualized templates allow all defects to be quickly and easily captured and processed

Offline function
In offline mode, defects can be recorded and uploaded at a later point of time

Intuitive Design
The design of the EPLASS Defect Management App as well as the menu navigation was deliberately kept slim and clear in order to allow practical work

Mobile Redlining
Redlinings can be made on the defect images recorded on site.and responsible departments

Further product information

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Why you should choose EPLASS

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Further information on Defect Management.