La Confluencia Power Project, Chile, Foto: Constructora Hochtief-Tecsa S.A.

EPLASS Correspondence (DMS)

Document management for infrastructure and building construction

Tunnel Rehberg

Where can I find all incoming and outgoing correspondence (addresses, letters, faxes, e-mails, etc.) of the project? Haven't we already sent a letter to company XY? I need an up-to-date photo documentation of the project for the marketing department! Where can I find the relevant documents? Where can I find an overview of all defects and their processing status of the project?

These are all the questions you deal with on a daily basis!

EPLASS offers you a document management system that makes all project-related information available to you transparently and centrally on one platform so that you can always keep track of the situation and also answer the questions. As soon as documents are uploaded, our document management system can allocate them (document coding) and correctly categorize the documents on the basis of this allocation. Daily construction reports, minutes of meetings and the recording of defects can also be created, distributed and filed in EPLASS. Similar to the plan management, the more transparent the information is made available to the project participants, the more successful the project will be.

Essentials in EPLASS Correspondence

Central address management
Your customer and business partner data and the associated correspondence is centrally managed in EPLASS Correspondence.

OCR full text recognition
On request we offer the implementation of OCR full text recognition.

Structured filing and archiving
All your correspondence, including incoming and outgoing e-mail, can be archived with a mouse click.

Efficient document management
All your internal and external correspondence (e.g. letters, e-mails, invoices) can be processed and distributed in EPLASS.



EPLASS Correspondence is the web-based document management system (DMS) for the structured filing, processing and distribution of correspondence and QM documents within the EPLASS product family.



Direct link to MS Word and MS Excel
You can create a document in MS Word or MS Excel and store and distribute it directly in EPLASS.

Daily construction reports fast & easy
Create your individual daily construction report with just a few simple mouse clicks

Further product information

EPLASS Document Management.pdf
Further information on the Document Management.

The Benefits of EPLASS.pdf
Why you should choose EPLASS.