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Condition Management

Compliance and monitoring of conditions

The compliance and monitoring of legal conditions and conditions relevant to operation require high levels of expertise from the parties involved. The large number of structural, content-related and planning requirements that have to be monitored, completed and documented before or during the construction phase often overburdens simple database systems or Excel tables.

Seamless integration into the existing approval processes in EPLASS Drawing Management is of particular importance here. The requirements are formulated here in check reports and statements of the parties involved in the checking process. EPLASS then transfers the corresponding documents fully automatically into the condition management.

In EPLASS Professional - Condition Management a workflow for the extraction of the individual condition points starts automatically. With comfortable Copy&Paste the individual conditions are created via our viewer. Afterwards a second workflow starts, in which the necessary proof for the fulfilment of the conditions is requested from the examiners involved. In a second step these proofs have to be confirmed and signed.

EPLASS Professional - Condition Management was developed together with a major customer for this highly demanding challenge and is also in use there!

Essential points of EPLASS Condition Management

Time scheduling management with extensive controlling and reporting functions
You can see at any time whether you are on schedule or whether you need to take corresponding measures

OCR full text recognition
On request we can implement OCR full text recognition

Graphical visualization of the individual conditions
Overview of all individual conditions in the analysed check reports and condition documents

Flexibly customizable platform for the implementation of any individual processes
We configure your project room as you envision it



EPLASS Professional - Condition Management complements the functions of EPLASS Professional with a tool for documentation, tracking and compliance of legal approval or operational requirements from the checking process.

Process reliability due to workflows  
Due to our powerful workflow engine, even highly complex checking processes with parallel handling by different reviewers can be realized

Seamless integration into the EPLASS checking process
All documents can be checked and approved on one platform

User-friendly extraction of the individual conditions
Simply drag & drop the conditions out of your PDF documents into EPLASS

Efficient monitoring of the completion of conditions
Quick and easy to see the current status of the conditions through the wide-ranging controlling and reporting functions such as individual Excel reports for condition tracking

Further product information

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