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Building Information Modeling is currently capturing and sweeping the building industry with great innovative impact on planning and construction. BIM is not only a simple 3D modeling, but it enables integrated planning and complete transfer of all project information at the end of the project.

BIM is not a software solution; in fact, it consists of working methods, process design, communication, organization, as well as corporate and project culture. BIM unfolds its full potential only by including all the points mentioned.

For the challenges of tomorrow, EPLASS has developed a Common Data Environment tailored to each project. With our workflow engine, we can achieve a high degree of automation while significantly reducing testing and approval times. EPLASS provides a completely digital test run including comments and test reports with electronic signatures on your plans, partial and coordination models. Changes can be tracked at any time by means of a detailed protocol. With EPLASS BIM-Collaboration you demonstrably increase your project success!


Essential points of EPLASS BIM Collaboration

Individualized project platform
We customize your project space as you want it to be

Automatic categorization
All 3D, 4D and 5D documents are assigned to the naming convention.

Automated index management
The checking and administration of the index levels are carried out separately and automated for 3D, 4D and 5D.

Flexible Modeling
Any combination of coordination models from submodels

3D viewpoints
Easy creation of 3D viewpoints with extensive redlining functions


EPLASS is the fully integrated, workflow-based (BIM) project platform for the effective control, coordination and execution of projects of any size from any location, at any time and with any device. EPLASS BIM-Collaboration combines the preferred solution for plan and document management in many large projects with Buildung Information Modelling (BIM).


Process reliability through workflows
The fully integrated, workflow-based BIM solution from the market leader in infrastructure building.

Central project room
All project information from DMS, PMS and BIM on one platform

Intelligent search function
Linking of 2D documents with the data models and user-friendly search function

Integrated 3D BIM Viewer
Equipped with numerous usage options

Increase of project communication
Supported workflow communication through the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF)


Clear structures, complete information and transparent processes guarantee maximum project success!


Further product information

The Benefits of EPLASS.pdf
Why you should choose EPLASS.

BIM Collaboration.pdf
Further information on BIM Collaboration.