Digital Signature

EPLASS Digital Signature


  • Comfortable and secure with integration in the workflow
  • Signing and forwarding in one step
  • Checking of different signature characteristics
  • Attested by certificate of TÜV Saarland


Handwritten digital signatures on drawings, forms and documents

EPLASS in combination with the mobile signotec Signature Pads offers the first "real" digital signature on drawings, forms and documents within an online project collaboration platform. Herewith signing and completion of your tasks within EPLASS gets even more comfortable and secure. Your documents are automatically delivered via the project workflows and you can simply forward them to the next workflow task by signing.

Since the software offers advanced security features, e.g. encrypted data transfer, you are on the safe side by using the Sigma SignPads within EPLASS. The SignPad stores essential information on the signature like variation in rhythm, time, characteristics of acceleration and much more safely in the document itself, not just the image of the signature for capability of proof. Attested by certificate of TÜV Saarland.

With the integration of signotec Signature Pads in the digitized review process, the whole process becomes even more safe and comfortable.



The high quality of the captured signature data automatically leads to the highest possible ability to prove the signature's authenticity.

The transfer of data from the pad to the PC is protected in order to prevent spying on the biometric features of the signature.

The new signature pads are ideal for public authorities, checking engineers and project managers, who frequently need to approve documents and place great value on security. Additionally the Signature Pad can be used for secure digital signatures of documents and forms, whether in EPLASS or many other applications.

The hand-written signature gets stamped directly onto the document making the digital review process even closer to the tradition “on paper” process. Nevertheless, it still provides all benefits of an internet based project platform with powerful workflow functionalities.


Further information:

EPLASS with Signotec Signpad en.pdf