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by Lisa Schleicher

At the three-day digital CONFERENCE from October 13 - 15, about 100 speakers will report on the contribution geodesy and geoinformation make to climate protection, the digitization of the construction industry and the resilience of our cities. .
The live streamed program will feature technological trends such as blockchain, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. First-class keynote speeches and presentations will provide contributions on standardization in digital design and construction and developments in Building Information Modeling (BIM). Experts will have their say on the highlight topics of BIM and digitization: On Wednesday, October 15, 2020 at 9:30 a.m., Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Fersch, Managing Director of EPLASS GmbH, will speak at the conference (as one of 5 speakers) on the topic of "workflow management with EPLASS" - Transportation Routes of the BVBS.

by Lisa Schleicher

In order to be able to inform even faster and more transparently about the current status of EPLASS accesses, EPLASS apps and EPLASS services in future, we have activated a new website status.eplass.de. The analysis from last Friday's technical issue showed that, in addition to the technical measures already implemented, there was also room for improvement in communication. Although a message was posted on our website in a timely manner, it was not possible to determine which accesses/services had been disrupted and, above all, which ones were still working.

This will be easier to see on status.eplass.de in the future. In addition, you will be able to see when a status changes and which processes we are currently working on. Of course, we will continue to inform you via our website if there are serious breakdowns, but in the future we will refer you to the details at status.eplass.de.

by Lisa Schleicher

On Friday morning EPLASS had a technical issue with the Active Directory, despite the measures taken to ensure system stability, which meant that it was not possible to log on to the system. The error has been fixed by now. It concerned the failure of a technical system without external influence. A data loss did not occur! From now on it is possible to work with EPLASS again. If you still encounter any errors, please contact our hotline. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. An analysis is already underway to determine what conclusions can be drawn from the problem in order to avoid it in the future..

by Lisa Schleicher

Together with its partner thinkproject Austria, EPLASS takes over a first BIM pilot project of ASFiNAG in the province of Styria. One focus is on the practical feasibility of actually getting selected BIM use cases to the construction site. This is sometimes achieved by the strong combination of the BIM solution DESITE with the project platform EPLASS CDE.

In Murtal, the S36 highway between Judenburg and St. Georgen is being extended. The plan is to extend the road with three underfloor routes close to the existing road and thus massively reduce the traffic load on the B317 and thus on the community of St. Peter ob Judenburg and the districts of Rothenthurm and Wöll. The overall project covers a distance of 12 km and will cost around 368 million euros. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024 and be completed in 2029. The BIM pilot project currently includes the new St. Georgen base in TA 02 St. Georgen-Scheifling.

by Lisa Schleicher

Visualization of the Riederwald tunnel

In a european tender EPLASS has been awarded the largest inner-city xonstruction project of Hessen-Mobil: The filling of the gap of the A 66 and the Frankfurt A 661 eastern bypass as well as the construction of the Riederwald tunnel. The project volume amounts to approx. 477 million Euro.

While up to 22,200 vehicles per day pass through the Riederwald district on average without the tunnel on the "Am Ehrlenbruch" road, this figure drops by around 36 percent to an average of 14,200 vehicles per day with the tunnel. In addition, every second heavy transport vehicle will be eliminated in future. The lower traffic density will reduce traffic congestion and shorten travel times.

The planned 2.2-kilometer-long section of motorway consists of several submeasures:

by Lisa Schleicher

thinkproject - the holding company of EPLASS - Europe's leading SaaS provider for construction and engineering projects, has acquired 100% of the New Zealand RAMM Software. Through the acquisition of RAMM, an established SaaS provider in the Australian-New Zealand market for asset management and maintenance/operations, thinkproject and EPLASS will be able to support infrastructure customers even better in the future and market their solution portfolio also in the APAC region.

RAMM Software was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand and has a further location in Sydney, Australia. The company is the leading provider of cloud software for asset, work and field management for state and local governments, construction and engineering companies, in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. RAMM has a large number of customers including, in New Zealand, the National Highway Authority, the National Transport Authority (NZTA), all local government agencies and road maintenance contractors. In Australia more than 120 local governments and in Fiji the Fijian Road Authority use RAMM software.

by Lisa Schleicher

The rapid spread of the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV2) and the lung disease (Covid-19) is posing a major challenge to our society worldwide.

As a digital company, we responded very early on and sent our employees into the home office to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Our support hotline, your EPLASS project managers and our sales departement can be reached as usual by phone and e-mail. The operation of all EPLASS applications continues to run safely and without problems. If a child is yelling or a dog barks in the background, please do not be surprised.

by Lisa Schleicher

As a leading company in the area of Common Data Environment for BIM, drawing and document management, EPLASS project collaboration GmbH has been certified according to ISO 27001:2013 "Information Security Management" since 2014 as one of the first companies in the construction industry. All company processes as well as in particular also the installation and operation of the IT infrastructure in the company and in the redundant EPLASS computer centres are controlled according to the strict information security specifications of ISO 27001:2013.

In order to maintain the certificate, a surveillance audit is scheduled annually and a recertification audit of an external audit company every three years, which DQS GmbH has carried out at EPLASS in the past few days.

by Lisa Schleicher

The new railway connection between the two metropolitan regions Dresden-Prague has opted for the digital drawing management of EPLASS.

A new double-track line is planned between the two towns of Heidenau and Ústí nad Labem. The core element of the line is a base tunnel through the Ore Mountains that will be at least 25 kilometers long and run across the state border. The new line will make it possible to travel between Dresden and Prague in about one hour. It is thus also an important section of the pan-European rail network. Deutsche Bahn is working closely with the Czech Rail Infrastructure Administration SŽDC. A joint planning contract is being drawn up to regulate the planning for the construction of the cross-border tunnel.

With this additional international project, EPLASS once again demonstrates its strength in the infrastructure sector.

by Lisa Schleicher

With the external audit of DQS GmbH in February 2019, the scope of the ISO 27001:2013 certificate of EPLASS project collaboration GmbH was also extended: it now also covers the areas of Common Data Environment (CDE) for Building Information Modeling (BIM).

EPLASS has been certified according to ISO 27001:2013 "Information Security Management" since 2014 as one of the first companies in the industry. All company processes as well as in particular also the installation and operation of the IT infrastructure in the company and in the redundant EPLASS datacenters are controlled according to the strict information security requirements of ISO 27001:2013.