Status information about EPLASS services online

22.07.2020 16:23 by Lisa Schleicher

In order to be able to inform even faster and more transparently about the current status of EPLASS accesses, EPLASS apps and EPLASS services in future, we have activated a new website The analysis from last Friday's technical issue showed that, in addition to the technical measures already implemented, there was also room for improvement in communication. Although a message was posted on our website in a timely manner, it was not possible to determine which accesses/services had been disrupted and, above all, which ones were still working.

This will be easier to see on in the future. In addition, you will be able to see when a status changes and which processes we are currently working on. Of course, we will continue to inform you via our website if there are serious breakdowns, but in the future we will refer you to the details at

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