EPLASS and Thinkproject grow stronger together

12.05.2021 08:19 by Lisa Schleicher

Thinkproject and EPLASS have been working together for 11 years. Now we want to utilise the common strengths even better. The visual appearance will be unified within the Thinkproject Group and brought under one roof.
As a customer, you will continue to receive the same high level of consultation from the staff in Würzburg and the usual service for the EPLASS CDE project platform.

As infrastructure experts within the Thinkproject Group (with headquarters in Munich and offices worldwide), EPLASS has been setting milestones in the field of high-quality construction software for many years and supports companies in the process of digitalising their projects, especially in the field of digital review and approval processes in infrastructure projects.

Curious? More information on the website https://thinkproject.com/en/produkte/eplass-cde/

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