Railway project Hamburg/Bremen - Hannover

  • Railway project Hamburg/Bremen - Hannover
    HH/Bremen-Hannover, Alternative Trasse Gueterbahnhof

Railway project Hamburg/Bremen - Hannover

The Hamburg/Bremen-Hanover railway project consists of several line sections. Over a total length of around 400 kilometers, existing railway lines are being upgraded and modernized. As a result, the seaport hinterland traffic will not be carried on a single route in isolation, but the existing rail network will be intelligently expanded and the predicted additional traffic will be distributed over the existing railway lines. The project consists of an intelligent mix of different measures: These include line upgrading, increasing the maximum speed, increasing block density and building additional tracks.

Facts and figures

  • A total of 12 sections, 400 km of sections with the following measures:
  • Engineering and electrification Langwedel - Uelzen, 9 intersection stations, maximum speed = 80 km/h for rail freight traffic
  • Nienburg station: new passing track, central commuter track for S-Bahn Bremen
  • 2 additional crossing stations Nienburg - Minden
  • Extended line Celle - Hannover-Vinnhorst, maximum speed = 230 km/h; Verden junction: fly-over construction to decouple the traffic from Rotenburg and Bremen, central connection S-Bahn
  • 3rd track Langwedel - Bremen-Sebaldsbrück and Bremen switching station - Bremen-Burg, maximum speed  = 160 km/h; block compaction Stubben - Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf - Bremerhaven-Speckenbüttel
  • Track Lüneburg - Uelzen; upgraded line Ashausen - Uelzen - Celle, maximum speed = 250/230 km/h (if necessary with additional timetable based measures to increase capacity and local detours)

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Alexander Strutzke
Alexander Strutzke
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)
Sales and Marketing Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-550
Dominik Liedtke
Dominik Liedtke

Project Manager
phone: +49 (931) 35503-795

Successful major DB project Hamburg/Bremen-Hannover uses the EPLASS Drawing Management System

Intelligent infrastructure needs intelligent digitisation. Here EPLASS Professional successfully supports the processing in many ways.   EPLASS enables project participants to work together effectively and compliant with its workflow-based review processes and supports the implementation of this large infrastructure project. The railway project Hamburg/Bremen-Hannover, anchored in the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030, is an important piece of the puzzle in the nationwide transport concept for rail. At the heart of the project is the expansion and upgrading of existing railway lines. The measures will be implemented successively and modularly. Positive effects - such as shorter travel times and higher transport capacities - will already be felt in the region when the first sections of the line are completed.