ABS 48 München - Lindau

  • ABS 48 München - Lindau
    ABS 48, Noise barrier Schwabshausen
  • ABS 48 München - Lindau
    Railway crossingGebrazhofen
  • ABS 48 München - Lindau
    Route map with ABS 48
  • ABS 48 München - Lindau
    Wangen trainstation

Munich-Lindau expanded railway line, D/A border

The Munich and Zurich metropolises are a good 300 kilometres apart, but the journey by rail currently takes well over four hours, which is considerably longer than the journey times by road or air. With the expansion and electrification of the line from Geltendorf via Memmingen to Lindau, the journey time will in future be less than three hours 30 minutes. In order to accelerate the Munich-Zurich rail link, expansion measures are also underway in Austria and Switzerland.

The Federal Republic of Germany, the Swiss Confederation, the Free State of Bavaria and DB have agreed to speed up the Munich - Zurich rail link. The aim of the expansion of the Munich - Memmingen - Lindau - Border D/A line (ABS 48) is to enable the line to be completed in well under two hours for long-distance traffic. This will be achieved by means of continuous electrification and the expansion of the line at high speed. The previous locomotive change in Lindau will also be eliminated and the stations Türkheim (Bay) and Kißlegg will be upgraded. The extension of the Munich - Lindau - D/A border line is an ongoing and firmly scheduled project of urgent need and is part of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan.

Facts and figures:

  • Construction costs 440 million euros
  • Construction time 3 years
  • Completion with timetable change at the end of 2020
  • 238 km of tracks are electrified
  • 3560 overhead line masts are installed
  • 47 road bridges will be adapted
  • Speeds up to 160 km/h
  • 26 km noise barriers

Further information: ABS 48


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Successful project management with EPLASS:

The travel time by rail, between the metropolises of Munich and Zurich, is currently over 4 hours, which is considerably longer than by road or air. The aim of the extension of the railway line Munich - Memmingen - Lindau - border D/A is to travel the 300 km in well under two hours.
Construction work began with the ground-breaking ceremony on 23 March 2018. EPLASS was involved from the very beginning. With the help of EPLASS Professional, all project participants were given access to all planning documents. Through workflow-based checking processes, planners, inspection engineers, surveyors and those responsible for the facilities work together effectively, quickly and clearly. Thus the execution planning and also the as-built planning could be processed in EPLASS.