The Benefits of EPLASS

EPLASS is the fully integrated, workflow-based, project collaboration platform for the effective control, coordination and handling of projects of any dimension, from anywhere, at any time, using any end device.

By means of its exceedingly efficient workflow engine, EPLASS is able to map even highly complex processes. With EPLASS workflows your processes become more transparent, structured , faster and secure. The extraordinary level of possible automation also distinguishes EPLASS from other project platforms.

The project platform EPLASS integrates all necessary programs (viewer, uploader, text and table processing, etc.) in order to provide the end user with a comprehensive review process in a digital and automated manner.

Due to these and many more reasons, is EPLASS the preferred solution for construction design management, document management and process management in numerous construction projects.

  • Predefined Wrokflows manage complex processes
  1. Parallel, simultaneous review process
  2. Automatic creation of e-mails (e.g. plotting orders, notification mails)
  3. Documentation of workflows (history and protocol)
  • Batch upload via drag&drop
  1. User friendly batch upload
  2. Upload also via e-mail, Excel, FTP and EPLASS Upload App
  • Automatic data capturing from PDF documents
  1. Data capturing of e.g. document number or description
  2. Data capturing of return address or subject of a letter
  3. Recognition and printing of barcodes and QR-Codes
  • Automatic scheduling management and reporting
  1. Graphic reports with “traffic light symbols”
  2. Including deadlines and milestones
  3. Individual reports on the basis of MS Excel
  4. Periodical, automated reports via e-mail - Dashboards
  5. Project overview
  • High-performance viewer
  1. Display of drawings and other related documents (approx. 200 formats)
  2. Visual comparison of documents with automatic indication of differences
  3. Enables processing of forms and templates
  • Entry of graphic review and markups (redlining)
  1. Reviewing of documents directly on the platform without downloading the document
  2. Automatic combination of all redlinings after a parallel review process
  3. Automatic allocation of redlining color
  • Signatures and paper interface
  1. Display of release status with date and digital “signature” directly on plotted drawings (also available via SignPad)
  2. Integration of 2D barcodes for workflows in hardcopy form
  • Additional modules and individual processes
  1. Claim Management
  2. Quality Management
  3. Fault Management
  4. Other various processes can also quickly be implemented into EPLASS
  • Integrated document managemant
  1. Central address administration
  2. Filing, editing and distributing of internal and external correspondence (e.g. letters, invoices, e-mails)
  3. Photo documentation, daily construction records, (optional) optical character recognition
  • References among various projects
  1. Projects of every dimension (up to several billions of €)
  2. Infrastructure, structural engineering, civil engineering, tunneling, energy etc
  3. Projects all over the world