Scheduling (Time) Management

  • Monitoring of task deadlines and milestones at a glance
  • Automatic forwarding at the end of a deadline (optionally available!)
  • Escalation e-mails
  • Dynamic editing deadlines (e.g. for a second review)
  • Clearly arranged display within the use of “traffic light” icons
  • Automatic calculation of buffers for critical deadlines
  • Extensive possibilities of reporting



EPLASS provides extensive possibilities for monitoring document and drawing deadlines based on the review period for each individual task as well as the specific milestones assigned to the design packages. Through tracing of the remaining tasks, EPLASS can calculate the likely buffer (positive or negative) to the next milestone. This allows the scheduling manager to promptly intervene should the buffer be negative.

The “traffic light” icons indicate the due date on which the project participants have to finish their review and submit their comments in order to meet the contractual deadlines.

Reports and Controlling

EPLASS enables a complete reporting functionality including the export of information to Microsoft Excel. Pre-assembled templates facilitate the creation of complex evaluation reports. An additional possibility to displaying all kinds of reports is through the use of EPLASS filters. Furthermore, management overviews such as dashboards and project cockpits can easily be implemented.

Some examples of analyses reports:


  • List all drawings that are due today.
  • List documents which are in the checking engineer’s task and are overdue.
  • List all formwork drawings from the construction documentation number xyz and the appropriate workflows.
  • List all drawings of a particular design package which are not ready-for-construction yet.


The Excel reports can automatically and periodically be sent out via e-mail to pre-defined recipients; as such the end user can receive a required analysis, for example, on weekly basis and without any further action.