• Full functional range also on mobile devices
  • Support of all important mobile technologies
  • No download of documents necessary
  • Low demand of bandwidth
  • Highest possible security with Citrix technology


Access from smartphone / tablet from anywhere, at any time.

Today’s workplace is not bound to fixed premises. The national and partly worldwide advanced 3G and WLAN infrastructure, and the resulting rapid proliferation of smart phones and tablets in the private and business sector enables the user to access the business data at any place and any time.

The IT infrastructure of EPLASS has been especially customized for the use of mobile devices in order to measure up to the modern requirements of the construction industry concerning mobility, flexibility and independence. It makes no difference whether you prefer to work with an Apple iPhone, an Android smart phone or a tablet computer.

Via the Citrix® Receiver for iPad/ iPhone and Android, EPLASS users can wirelessly access their EPLASS projects from anywhere, for example the construction site or a business meeting. Users can view documents, review drawings, edit forms and control deadlines. All EPLASS functions remain wirelessly at one’s disposal.

As a standard feature when working with Citrix®, the documents will not be downloaded, but will remain on the EPLASS platform. Only the screen information will be transferred. This is less time and money consuming. Even delicate data are safe as they are not filed on the mobile device rather only saved in EPLASS.

EPLASS offers you a project platform which supports various devices, requires little bandwidth and always provides you control over the data within the platform.