Corporate Information

Initial Steps

  • In 1996 members of the formerly known SEIB Ingenieur Consult staff (now part of the Hyder Consulting Deutschland GmbH) won an open competition by the German Rail (DB AG) to develop a construction design management system. As a result of which EPLASS (Electronic Plan (design) management system SEIB) was born. This success and the subsequent major projects lead to the foundation of the independent SEIB InformationsTechnologie Consult GmbH in 1999.


Past, Present and Future

  • Over the years, SEIB-ITC expanded EPLASS to become an internationally operating enterprise in the field of building and construction software. The original drawing management system was then enhanced and supplemented by other modules such as project-, document-, quality-, claim-, and form management focusing on the development of an internet based collaboration platform for the AEC market.
  • The close co-operation between the EPLASS project managers and our clienteles, as well as our hotline staff and the EPLASS users, is one of the main reasons why the directors of major construction and infrastructure projects choose to work with our software.
  • Another reason which makes EPLASS stand out among other software is our flexibility to display the project specific processes and the full integration of the review procedure within the EPLASS project platform.
  • Since 2010 we have become a part of the think project! Group. This action provides us the opportunity to supplement our organizational structures and is expected to bring a real boost in our international business. Furthermore, we aspire that this collaboration creates synergies in technical operations.
  • EPLASS nationally and internationally represents construction design management, document management and location-independent collaboration even within highly complex projects of any dimension. Therefore, since September 2012, project collaboration has become part of our company name. The SEIB-ITC GmbH has been renamed to the EPLASS project collaboration GmbH. Within this change of name, we want to establish clarity for you as our clients and for our  business partner in Germany and abroad.
  • Whether for major projects in infrastructure, Public Private Partnership, structural engineering or industrial plant manufacturing - the more complex the processes and procedures, the more you benefit from using EPLASS for a structured, efficient, low-risk and secure collaboration.