The benefits of EPLASS

There are many compelling reasons for EPLASS. Here in pdf you can see the advantages at a glance.

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Why you should choose EPLASS.


A workflow (= plan process) is an instrument for flexibly mapping formalized business processes. An EPLASS Workflow intelligently automates processes and structures. External project participants and service providers are also integrated. A workflow serves the efficient organisation and coordination of the cooperative work.



  • Workflows are the foundation of most EPLASS projects. Together with the EPLASS project manager, the processes and people involved in the process are defined. From this, workflow diagrams are created to visualise the processes. With the help of EPLASS, different project participants can check sequentially and in parallel.
  • With the viewer integrated in EPLASS, documents and plans are checked online and digitally. A download of the documents is not necessary. EPLASS automatically merges the comments and review notes at the end of a parallel review. In the workflow, the deadlines for the processing of the individual tasks are also defined.
  • For the processing of workflow tasks different groups are defined. A distinction can be made between users who are authorized to sign and users who are not. Versions can also be implemented in which a "four-eye check" by two reviewers is required before a document can be forwarded.
"For many years, the EPLASS drawing management system has been used as standard for the project management of engineering structures of the Southern Bavaria Motorway Directorate. Within the scope of this project EPLASS is extended for BIM projects and EPLASS-Archive is used for the digital building file. Thereby EPLASS once again impressively proves its individual flexibility." Prof. Wilberg, Head of the Autobahndirektion Südbayern
"EPLASS is a very reliable partner for us, which makes it easier for us to solve many tasks in the daily project routine. Thus, drawing management is not an additional task for our project engineers, but a central tool which you would not want to miss in your daily work.“
Bernd Homfeldt, project manager fixed rail link Fehmarnbelt crossing

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